Angele Joubert-Johnson


Birthday: April 15

First and Last Name Angele Joubert

City and State Old Bridge, NJ

Profile Filter: Singer, Alto, Tenor, Gospel, Contemporary, Teacher, Poetry, Dancer, Songwriter


Profile Worldwide - Location Domestic USA, Japan, Europe, Asia

About Me Able to sing in English & 日本語, Angel.e's musical abilities & gospel background have enabled her to sing domestically and internationally. From the age of seven, she has performed in hundreds of halls, arenas and churches, singing, dancing, & acting. Angel.e has been a part of the Glory Gospel Singers for almost 20 years. She's toured globally in Europe & Asia with the Glory Gospel Singers, including countries such as Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Japan, Cambodia, & most recently India. She has lent her voice to several CD projects, including "Tenshi Ni Anime Song Wo," a CD with gospel covers of songs from the infamous Studio Ghibli. She has appeared on the world famous show, "Nodojiman! A Song for Japan." Her arrangements have made her a three-time finalist and a recipient of the SONG FOR JAPAN 特別賞 award with The Joubert Singers. Angel.e is a sweet, down-to-earth Christian girl who loves music, anime, video games, cartoons and eclectic culture. When she's not singing, she's composing, arranging, writing music or writing poetry. Her mission is to bring harmony to the world!

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