Don Jaymor


Birthday: February 13

First and Last Name Donnavon Morgan

City and State Bronx, NY

Profile Filter: Singer, Baritone, Jazz, Gospel, Soul, R&B, Contemporary, Track Producer, Producer, Rap, Songwriter


Profile Worldwide - Location Domestic USA

About Me Whether it's Hip-Hop and R&B or Pop and Electronic Soul, singer-songwriter/rapper Don Jaymor has done it all. From collaborations with producers all over the globe, both major and upcoming, to performing in various nightclubs within his hometown of New York City, the 27-year-old baritone-crooner is truly an up-and-coming vet! Since 2006 Jaymor's music has totaled over 1,000,000 downloads, including sales, streams, spins, and free downloads. Visit to hear some of Don Jaymor's latest releases!

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