Glenn Derric Person


Birthday: July 16

First and Last Name Glenn Person

City and State Tuskegee Institute, Alabama

Profile Filter: Singer, Tenor, Classical, Jazz, Gospel, Soul, R&B, Contemporary, Musician, Keys Acoustic, Songwriter, Director, Vocal Coach, Music Teacher


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About Me Glenn Derric Person hails from Tuskegee, Alabama where he is a highly acclaimed soloist, musician, choir director, and vocal trainer. Currently, he is the minister of music of 2 churches: Chehaw AME Zion, and First Tuskegee Seventh-Day Adventist Churches in Tuskegee, Alabama. He is the church musician at Jackson Chapel AME Zion Church in Coosada, Alabama, First Union Springs Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Union Springs, Alabama, and St. Joseph Catholic Church in Tuskegee, Alabama. Outside of those commitments, he finds time to train voices and develop groups for performances. He is an alumnus of Tuskegee as well as the Tuskegee University "Golden Voices" Concert Choir and is currently part of the Tuskegee Glee Club, a group he helped to start in 2010. He has toured several countries between 2010-2013 with the Glee Club, as well as a solo act. As a musician, he has had the pleasure of playing for Byron Cage, Ingrid Woode and the Woode Tribe Orchestra, and various artists of every genre. He is musically diverse in various genres, including Classical Opera, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, R&B/Soul, and Broadway, to name a few. Message from GDP: Hello there! My name is Glenn Derric Person, from Tuskegee, Alabama. Music is my passion! One of the gifts God gave to me to give to the world. Love to sing and play the 88's! The Lord has allowed me to explore various countries singing His praises, and the sky's the limit!

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