Jermaine L. Kee


Birthday: May 28

First and Last Name Jermaine Kee

City and State Bay Shore, NY

Profile Filter: Singer, Alto, Tenor, Classical, Gospel, Teacher, Preacher, Songwriter, Director, Vocal Coach


Profile Worldwide - Location Domestic USA

About Me Jermaine Kee, being an obedient man in Christ, set out to create JKee&Shift; a gospel group dedicated to spreading the gospel through not only music, but through community service as well. Staying aligned to God's promise and vision, the formation and creation of JKee&Shift has been nothing short of divine order. On October 22, 2011, just three weeks into the new group, JKee&Shift found themselves opening for gospel recording artist John P. Kee. The gelling and harmony of this group hasn't stopped there. The 11-member group, hailing from various gospel groups, have since performed at multiple local venues with keeping in line with the sole mission of the group; to be the change they want to see in the world by using God's Word and Kingdom Building to accomplish it. This year, JKee&Shift continue their upward climb with a single to be released in May, as well as organizing a charity concert. Although this group is in an infancy phase (only being a solid group for 4 months), JKee&Shift has proven that their spiritual message and walk is one for the world to see. So prepare to take notes, join in worship, aid in the community service, and watch this group SHIFT the gospel world

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