Birthday: April 1

First and Last Name Lakisha

City and State Columbia

Profile Filter: Singer, Alto, Gospel, Soul, R&B, Preacher, Poetry, Spoken Word, Liturgical Dancer, Songwriter

Website http://justkishaonline.wixsite.com/mysite

Profile Worldwide - Location Domestic USA, Germany, France, Japan, Fan of the Glory Gospel Singers, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, China, Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Czech Republic, UK, Slovakia, Austria, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Europe, Asia, Middle East

About Me JustKisha is an independent music artist currently based in Columbia, S.C. She considers her music “life music” because it provides hope, healing and inspiration to all that will listen. One of her famous quotes is “We need a REAL message in order to address REAL problems” She is available for musical performances and psalmistry across a broad spectrum such as event entertainment, conferences, summits, weddings, and spiritual services She can be reached by email at realistic721@yahoo.com. JustKisha’s new EP, “It IS You” is a reflection of realization that it is in God that we live, move, and have our being.It is NOW available on all digital outlets such as Apple Music, ITunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, etc. You can also order a hardcopy. See details below In addition to singing, JustKisha is also an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, an actor, playwright, author, public speaker, and founder of a nonprofit organization called “SHIFTS”-Swapping Homeless Influence for their Success which is designed to assist homeless veterans in regaining shelter and financial security by providing job placement and resources to avoid relapse. The launching of this EP will serve as the gateway of influence and assets to continue to grow each facet of her career. She strives to not just exist but to LIVE an abundant life. A life where she is healthy, wealthy, and successful in all of her endeavors.

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