You may upload your profile to ggsworldwide.ning.com if you are interested as talent to audition or interview for any of our tours, events, gigs, etc. Our interest is in singers, musicians, dancers, instrumentalists, now songwriters, arrangers, producers, programmers, etc.

We work under high standards of integrity and accountability and expect compliance to our ethics, policies as most of our music is gospel message oriented. We perform and minister gospel, jazz, blues, anime, latin, russian, opera, classical, instrumental and much more. We highly welcome and recommend "praisers and worshippers" who believe in integrity public and private to be consistent.

You may send an email to mjllc7@gmail.com, or dawntharrington@gmail.com. Although you may be a current ning member receiving broadcasts of updates, announcements etc. to mjllc7@aol.com, know that responses are only to mjllc7@gmail.com or dawntharrington.com.

T: Tour

T245 Short Tour March 28, 2018-April 2, 2018  Completed

T246 "Stand on the Word" Publishing Event" The Joubert Singers: April - June 2018 NYC (Band)

T247 Charlotte, NC June 2018 Completed

T248 South Carolina June 2018 Completed

T249 Masterclass Students (setting up their own tours): Notice is coming. Now no longer grouped but independent.

T250 France Summer Tour mid July 2018-Sept. 2, 2018 Happening now

T262 Sulton Seafood Festival, New Jersey Monday Labor Day Sept. 3, 2018

T263 PHOTOSHOOTS (NEW) The Glory Gospel Singers/The Joubert Singers  Sept 4-5, 2018

T264 "Stand on the Word" Music Meeting (For new Production/Vocals/Musicians)

T251 Ground Zero Event Sept.11, 2018. Ceremony (One Day Tour)

T252 October 19, 2018, New Jersey: The Universal Singers: Oldies Goodies Show (One Day Tour)

T253 Jamaica West Indies November 1-5, 2018 Short Tour

T254 Germany, Switzerland Tour Nov 28, 2018-January 4, 2019

T255 Japan I Nov 30th 2018 - Dec. 7, 2018 Short Tour  Visa required

T256 Japan II  Dec. 2018  Ice Show  Visa required

T257 Japan III Dec 8, 2018 - Dec. 26th 2018 Visa required

T258 France February 14-19, 2019

T259 Switzerland (end of March 2019-very early April 2019)

T260 May 17-May 20 New Jersey Short Tour. Private wedding requiring full cast, musicians, band, strings MD. 2019

T261 Summer France 2019 Mid July - Sept 2019


Year 2020: Singapore, Dubai, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland

Thank you for being a part of our D&P Ning Family. We realize and appreciate those who have not as yet been selected to tour or work with us, but have been on our ning site for a while. We also thank those who have worked with us year in and year out and those who support us in sponsorship and other ways.


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